Why One Optics

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We put you first, always.

This is not something we take lightly. We know all the frustrations that you go through as a glasses wearer and have made it our main purpose to make your experience at One Optics truly transformative and totally enjoyable. In fact, we believe in this so strongly that we offer a Happiness Guarantee to all our customers! Everyone deserves to look good and feel good in their glasses!

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Our Customer Service is bar none.

We know that our customers the very best from the moment you walk in the door to even after you collect your glasses. We do this by offering you an effortless eyewear experience every step of the way in your customer journey.

After your eyewear collection, we never let you ride off into the sunset with your pair. During your collection/fitting consult we make sure those new glasses never slide off your face or feel uncomfortable in any way-what good are amazing frames if they don’t feel amazing too? 

We always have a follow up with you to ensure all is well and you are fully satisfied with your frame and lenses. In house repairs and adjustments will always be at no extra cost to you and is included in your service, always. 

We obsess over our customer service because that’s what you need and deserve- a personalized, friendly service that will boost your day!

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The best products and Experts.

While choosing new eyewear to feature at One Optics we always choose the highest quality materials for our frames to ensure that you enjoy a good life from your glasses. Not only are our eyewear collections current and varied, we make sure to supply only the best, state-of-the-art ophthalmic lenses so that you enjoy the sharpest vision possible through the best frames you can find.

One Optics is constantly improving and evolving our knowledge through ongoing professional trainings and research so that you, our dear customers, always have the very best optical advice there is.


Our team

Our philosophy of putting people first begins with our team and we love seeing them grow and be fulfilled. Happy team members mean they are able to give you best in class service you deserve and we always ensure that we are equipped to handle the most complex cases. Say goodbye to scowling staff who are not totally dedicated to giving the best service!

We always create a no-pressure environment for our customers and never give you lip service. We’re your advocate to get the best eyewear for you! We also never recommend products that we know you may not actually need or want. Our team listens carefully to you , this way you always end up happy. 

Transform your eyewear experience