About Us

One Optics was founded in 2016 and since had grown into the "go-to" spot when looking for truly unique eyewear.  We've helped 1000s of customers find their perfect pair. Personal service is a rare find these days but at One Optics it's truly our passion! The top priority for our team is to transform the often-confusing eyewear experience into a truly enjoyable one from start to finish with expert help at every step of the way-get ready for an elevated customer experience!

Our philosophy of putting the customer first is not something we take lightly-in fact we are so committed to service that we offer a Happiness Guarantee to our customers! We know first hand what frustrates you as a glasses wearer and we obsess over making our customer’s journey smooth and totally enjoyable. Over the years, we’ve added little touches to our in-house services so that you feel completely at ease, knowing you are in the hands of experts.

Our eyewear collections have been carefully and thoughtfully curated from around the globe so that every customer can find something interesting and appealing to their personal style. Whether its minimal and sleek designs you want, or bold and colourful, we have made sure there are hundreds of styles to choose from. Having a varied and large collection allows us to fit every personality that walks through our doors. This makes the selection process so much smoother- choosing glasses becomes a fun, no obligation exploration of styles to really capture what may appeal to someone, rather than choosing between generic, almost identical styles where the only different thing is the logo.

We only work with eyewear collections that represent the very best of niche, independent designers from all over the world so you’ll have the world’s best styles right at your fingertips!

About the team

Nalini Teelucksingh

BSc(Hons) Optometry from City University, London with 20 years of experience both internationally and locally.

As a Trinidadian who has studied and worked abroad, she opened One Optics with the ultimate aim to bring that best-in-class international customer experience home and elevate it with our Trinbagonian warmth, and it has proven to be a winning combination. Nalini has a special interest in Binocular Vision and Paediatric Optometry and loves taking on challenging cases and converting them into happy customers/friends. As she's upgraded the store over the years, she's added the little details that elevate the experience for the customers so that they encounter something different and interesting at every step of the way-a choreography that results in every customer feeling like they are #1.

Shereen Woo-Joel

Dispenser/ Manager with 15+ optical experience under her belt.

All our Clients remember her for her first-class service and attention to detail. As a glasses wearer herself, she knows all the frustrations that one can encounter and makes it her special aim to make each pair as fantastic as they can possibly look. One Optics is Happiness Guaranteed and it's in no short part to Shereen's never-ending caring and attention combined with state-of-the-art ophthalmic lenses and dispensing technology-it's a win-win!

Stefan Deokiesingh


Stefan has been integral in shaping and defining One Optics from the start and his attention to detail has taken us to another level. There’s always a logistics guru within the best companies and Stefan is our expert here. As co-manager, his aim is centered around making every step of the patient experience seamless and timely, along with quality control for all our frames and lenses. Our customers love his attention to detail.